A Perfect Key West Weekend Itinerary For Three Days
Juliana Daniel Updated on Dec 25, 2022

Do you want to know what to do in Key West for a fantastic weekend? If yes, we have planned a three-day trip for you to Key West. Here is our list of top attractions and activities in Key West.

During your weekend in the Keys, you may experience the region's rich culture, history, cuisine, state and national parks, beaches, and nightlife. You may spend a weekend in Key West exploring the many attractions we've designed for you to experience.

Ways To Get Around Key West On The Weekend

During your weekend in Key West, you should hire electric bikes to get around and see everything. It's a great way to take in the sights and feel the ocean breeze on your Key West weekend break. A bike tour is a great way to view the city, and when you're done, you can reward yourself with a slice of Key Lime pie. If you have a car, utilize it, or rent one at the airport if you don't.

Day 1

Are you interested in the past? We recommend starting your Key West weekend with a day in the city's many historic attractions. Visit the house of a famous American writer or one of the presidential retreats!

Stop 1: Breakfast In Mallory Square

Mallory Square, amid Key West's historic Old Town on the waterfront, serves as the city's nerve centre. You may take the kids to the Square and have a great time at the stores and eateries! Have breakfast with us today, why don't you?

Our recommendation is Cuban Coffee Queen for breakfast. Before spending the day visiting Key West, fuel yourself with a traditional Key West breakfast or a Cuban breakfast.

Stop 2: Truman's Little White House

One of the most outstanding venues to study American history is Harry Truman's Little White House, which was built in the 1890s and is now the only presidential museum in Florida.

Truman's winter retreat from Washington, DC, inspired the house's moniker. From 1946 to 1952, he lived there. In addition to President Taft, Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter, and Clinton have all paid official visits.

Day 2

We recommend spending your second day in Key West, making a day trip to Dry Tortugas. You may take a seaplane for half a day or a boat for the whole day! Visit Dry Tortugas National Park confidently after reading our advice on avoiding common pitfalls and making the most of your time there.

Why not unwind with a meal and drinks by the lake downtown after exploring one of the most incredible and inaccessible National Parks? The island allows visitors to bring their food and drinks, even alcoholic ones.

Stop 1: Dry Tortugas Daytrip

Only roughly 80 miles from Key West, Dry Tortugas National Park consists of seven tiny islands covering 100 square miles. Fort Jefferson, a famous and spectacular structure, may be found in this tropical paradise.

You may experience nature, history, and a sense of being in a faraway country all in one trip here. Private boat tours, chartered aircraft tours, or the Yankee Freedom Ferry are the only ways to get here.

Stop 2: Visit Fort Jefferson

The red brick Fort Jefferson is the most common subject in Dry Tortugas photographs. To discover more about the island's storied past as a penal colony, consider taking a tour of Fort Jefferson.

Almost 2000 convicts used to live there. Numerous plaques may be found throughout the fort, allowing visitors to explore independently. You must stop here if you're planning a road trip across the Florida Keys.

Day 3

After an action-packed first two days in Key West, you'll take it easy on the third day of your weekend getaway. Your day will begin at a fantastic drunken brunch location, and then you may choose to either snorkel the reef, order takeout or shop for handmade leather footwear.

Stop 1: Brunch at Bagatelle

Breakfast hangover happy hour is available at Bagatelle every day from 9:00 am until 11:30 am. If you and your bachelorette party in Key West stayed out late, come here for a delicious breakfast to soak up all that alcohol. Try the braised pork sandwich with pineapple slaw, the crispy fried French toast, or the crab cake benedict.

Stop 2: Snorkeling &'' Breakfast

Take the Key West: Reef Snorkel Morning Tour with Breakfast and Mimosas on day two of your Key West vacation. In only three hours, you may snorkel at the world's third-longest reef and then eat a hearty breakfast with mimosas before returning to port.

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