How to Choose the Best Seat on a Plane for Comfort and Convenience?
Sean William Updated on Jun 10, 2023

When you book a flight, selecting the seat that provides the most comfort and convenience is often an afterthought. But choosing the right seat on a plane can make all the difference in your travel experience. Whether you're looking for extra legroom, want to avoid noisy neighbors or simply want to get off the plane first, there are several factors to consider when picking out your ideal spot onboard. Here's how to select the best seat on a plane for optimal comfort and convenience.

Research the plane type and seating configuration:

Different planes have different seating configurations and amenities. Knowing the size of the plane, as well as which seats offer extra legroom or reclining options, can help you select a seat that meets your needs. Many airlines list this information in their websites or apps.

Think about where you want to sit on the plane. Aisle and window seats might offer more privacy, while middle seats provide easy access to the lavatory and cabin crew. Do you like looking out the window or do you prefer not to be disturbed? Would you rather have elbow room or direct aisle access?

Consider seat location and proximity to bathrooms, exits, etc:

During long, bathrooms can become cramped and busy. Consider selecting a seat in the back of the plane for more convenient access or one in the front if you want to be among the first off after landing. If you travel with family or friends, try to book seats together for easy conversation and companionship.

Choose a seat with extra legroom or other perks:

Many airlines offer premium seating options such as exit row seats, bulkhead seats or more legroom. There may be an additional cost for these choices but they can make your flight much more comfortable.

If you are unsure of the best seat to choose, consider asking a flight attendant upon boarding. They often have helpful tips and will be able to provide insight based on their experience.

Finally, be courteous to other passengers and try not to take up too much space. Bring a blanket or pillow if you want extra comfort during the flight, but don't spread out your belongings and invade the space of others.

Look for seats that recline more than others in your row:

Some airlines offer reclining seats which allow you to adjust the angle of your seat while flying. These can be a great way to relax and get comfortable during long flights.

When all else fails, remember that your comfort is always worth paying for. It may cost a bit more but if it makes your flight experience more enjoyable, then it might be worth the extra money. Many airlines offer seat upgrades for a fee, which can provide more comfort and space in an economy-class seat. You may also opt to purchase a first or business class ticket if you're looking for added comfort and convenience during your flight.

Check the reviews of each seat before booking it:

Look for reviews from verified customers who have traveled in the same seat, so that you can get a good idea of what to expect. You may also want to look at pictures of each seat type, as this can give you an indication of how much legroom and space it will provide. This research should help you decide which seat is best suited for.

When booking a flight, you can also consider reserving a seat at the front or back of the plane. Seats near the front and back often have extra legroom due to their location in relation to the bulkhead wall. Additionally, these seats may be more spacious since they are not adjoining other rows of seats.

Ask an airline employee about any hidden gems on the plane:

Airlines often have small areas that provide extra space but may not be widely advertised. You might find a hidden row of Business Class seats at the very back of the plane, for example.

Finally, consider reserving an aisle seat. Aisle seats are great if you want to get up and move more frequently throughout your flight.

Bring items to make your flight more comfortable:

Things like a travel pillow, blankets and eye masks are great for getting some rest on longer flights. Also consider bringing snacks and headphones if you want to be entertained during the flight. By being prepared, you can make your experience as comfortable as possible. With these tips in mind, you can find the best seat on a plane for comfort and convenience.


When searching for the best seat on a plane, think about what type of comfort and convenience you're looking for. Consider factors such as legroom, location and the ability to recline. Try to reserve a seat in advance if possible so that you can pick an ideal spot. Aisle seats are great for those who want to get up more often or who may feel claustrophobic. For extra comfort and convenience, bring your own items such as a pillow and headphones.


Which seats are best for smooth flight?

Aisle seats are usually the best choice for those hoping for a smoother flight. The aisle seat gives you more room to move around and will help reduce turbulence felt in other parts of the plane.

What is the best way to reserve airline seats?

Most airlines allow passengers to reserve their seats before boarding through online check-in or a call to the airline. Some airlines may charge a fee for certain seat assignments. Reserving your seat ahead of time is typically the best way to ensure you get the seat you want and it can also save time during check-in.

Are bulkhead seats better?

Bulkhead seats are great for those who prioritize legroom over anything else. These seats are located near the walls of the plane and don’t have a seat in front of them, so you get extra legroom. They also tend to be more private since they are often located at the end of rows.

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